BetaLoader (New) - All in One CSGO FREE Cheats Loader - UNDETECTED - SAFE - 2021

Looking for a single application that loads a variety of hacks and csgo cheats with a single click? The Beta loader is one of the best CSGO cheats loader here, where you can just load mostly any cheat into CSGO game for free.

Dev BETA #0530
version v5.5.5.0
Last Updated 29 March 2021

Beta Loader CSGO Description :

Beta Loader CSGO - It consists of some of the best free cheats included such as - OTC v2, OTC v3, Orisis Multihack, GOESP, Godware, and many others. Plus it has also a Custom dll injector which can inject any dll into csgo and is fully safe to use.

Features of Beta loader |:

Safe Inbuilt Injector
Pre added CSGO Cheats
Free and VIP login
VAC Bypasser
Linkvertise Bypasser
Random Cheats Loader
Configs loader
Regular Updates!

How to use Free Cheats CSGO-

Instructions to follow -

1. Make sure Anvirius is closed!
2. Start CSGO wait in the lobby.
3. Run Beta Loader
4. Click on the Cheat that you want to install

Note: Betaloader consists of some of the basic csgo hacks, however you can inject your own cheat through custom dll injector.

Custom Cheats Added

- OTC v2
- OTC v3
- Orisis Multihack
- Godware 
- Hydraware
- Headripper
- JustMove
- Millionware
- Other Cheats

Download link for CSGO Free Cheats Loader -