Best Injector for CSGO - CSGHOST Free Injector for CSGO Working, Undetected 2021

If you are looking for the Best Injector for CSGO especially, then this injector will work best for you. CSGHOST Injector is particularly used to inject the dll into CSGO or the Latest version of CSGO.

With CSGhost, you can easily set up the dll files and inject them, also used in the latest version of CSGO, as the developer of CSGhost - KittenPopo is making it updated and undetected always.

This Injector for CSGO works best with those who want to place a working dll, Injector is fully Undetected as current, if you face a ban, check your dll file that you are injecting to it, make sure the dll file is undetected at the moment.

Dev KittenPopo
version v4.0 (latest)
Last Updated 12/04/2021

Features of CSGO Injector 

Support Latest version of CSGO
FREE to use
One-click Setup
Easy & Fast to use

How to use CSGhost Injector?

1. Close your antivirus temporarily!
2. Make sure CSGO is running, proceed to step 3.
3. Download and Run CSGhost Injector as admin.
4.  Choose your dll file when it popups. Press Enter
5. Go back to the game, Enjoy!

Errors & Fixes : 

1. Chrome Blocks the Download
Close your antivirus software first, before downloading again.

2. Injector doesn't work
- Try running injector as admin or
- Close your antivirus/Windows defender in Windows.

Note: CSGhost is NOT a malicious file. Antivirus shows false detections as it being a cheating program. CSGhost is completely undetected, if you banned it's probably because of the dll cheat you were using.

Download link for CSGhost Free Injector CSGO