League of Legends Free Hack - WindSharp - Free LOL Cheat Undetectable

Looking for League of legends free hacks? which really works and updates on regular basis, Windsharp LOL cheat is one of the best and Free LOL cheat at the moment, if you love this game, this hack will work great for you.

WindSharp: League of Legends Hack 

Windsharp is a free League of Legends script hack that is provided by MemoryHackers and Free to use! The hack contains many features that are pretty easy to use. also helps you build on your strengths and raise your ELO as quickly as possible.

Dev MemoryHackers
version latest(auto-updated)
Last Updated Nov 27, 2020

Requirements to use this Cheat :

Features of this Cheat :

- Target Selector
- Clean Farming
- X2 Predictions
- Evade
- Skin Changer
- Champion scripts with combo logic & prediction
- Auto Smite
- Custom utilities HUD

How to Download and use Windsharp?

Instructions Step by Step :

1. Go to MemoryHackers, Sign up with a new account there.
2. Download and Run the Hack Loader from the link below.
(Turn off Windows Protection or Antivirus to avoid blocking of hack Client)
3. Now go to Hack Center Page here, Select LOL from the games.
4. Click Load! 
(make sure you run the loader before clicking load)
5. Go back to the game, you will see Windsharp Menu. Enjoy!

Hotkeys for WindSharp -

➤ F7: Menu OFF/ON + All draw
➤ LeftShift: Show/Hide menu
➤ Space: combo
➤ X: last hit
➤ V: farm
 C: Harass

Video Tutorial :

Download Windsharp League of Legends (Loader)