Fortnite Steam UnBan Method - HWID UnBan Your Fortnite Easily Working

If you are Banned with your HWID in Fortnite, well you can get rid of the ban within a couple of minutes while using this Steam UnBan Method. Use this Method if NULL Spoofer is not working for you. This method will work without any issues.

While using this method, you can get rid of your ban easily. make sure to follow every step carefully.

How the Spoofer Works - 

This Spoofer cleans all your traces and existing traces which has been tagged by the HWID and add some extra tweaks by adding it as a Non Steam game, you can get back to the game.

How to Use -

1. Download the three files from below.
2. Run them one by one and wait for some seconds. (make sure Epic games is not running)
For Cleaning - Start 1 button, minimize it, start EventCleaner, minimize it, run C2S2, (don't use adapter risk option), Close 1 button after red or green screen comes up, REBOOT.
3. Install Steam and log in with an account.
4. Go to Library, click on + and add a Non steam game.
5. Now add Epic games from there
6. Done! Now launch the Epic Games from there

You can now play with Fortnite again with this Steam method. Make sure to follow the steps carefully.

Note: The Windows Activation will be removed after using this the Spoofer.

Download link