PUBG Mobile Updates its Anti-Cheat Security : New Anticheat Protection for Spectators

PUBG Mobile New Anticheat Feature for Hackers and Spectators

Hello readers, I hope you are doing well, If we talk about PUBG Mobile, Its a most Playlable Android game ever! also, it is the one which has been awarded in Android games, being energetic and awesome graphics. PUBG Mobile is a great game if we talk about its look or other features it obviously up to the mark.

PUBG Mobile was released with very few updates and maps in season 1. From Season 1 to now which is Season 13, there comes many different features and maps according to seasons, Also Anti-cheat updates. PUBG Mobile updates its anti-cheat feature in every season update or every week with its small updates.

PUBG Mobile Anti-cheat is strong but not that much strong to catch many hacks which are people using in conqueror lobby with a suspiciously high KD (Kill to death) ratio and abnormal stats.

PUBG Mobile New Anti Cheat

PUBG Mobile has launched a new anti-cheat system which, referring to Tencent Games, will help boost players' competitiveness while at the same time allowing the cheaters to crack it down. The latest system was based on the current Spectate Mode, which now gets a system for critical analysis.

The Old PUBG Mobile Anti-cheat was not like this one, it was programmed only for detecting ESP Hacks, and others, Now slowly PUBG Mobile is developing its anti-cheat, for spectators. Those who are pushing their rank with spectating with a second account. Spectate hacks or bypass "cheaters" called it, were fully fixed and patched by the new PUBG Mobile anti-cheat.

Spectate hacks Patched up

The Spectate hacks which were used by the cheaters, which allows users to see the location of players and himself with spectating and pushing their main accounts were successfully patched up by the New PUBG Mobile anti-cheat system.

Actually, the Spectating Program consists of three different functions namely the host, game server, and spectator. Cheaters used two devices before the update to pinpoint enemies and gain an unfair advantage. Now, with the latest mechanisms introduced using the update, if a player is not apparent in the host 's vision, it does not relay the player's location data to the spectators.

Official Tweet by PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is extremely taking serious issue about the cheaters, and giving them ban instant. PUBG In Past Patched many free hacks for Android.

PUBG MOBILE - New Anti-Cheating Feature

We are glad to see if PUBG Mobile really patch popular hacks in the market, and successfully ban all the cheaters in the top leagues and making it conqueror. PUBG Mobile has already banned many Bypass and Spectate hacks by its new anti-cheat update, and more have to go.

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