PUBG Mobile New Policies for India : All data records and Ban concerns

PUBG Mobile New Policies for Indian Peoples - Here is all about you need to know

PUBG Mobile has successfully updated the old Privacy to new only for Indian players. This all came from the India-china relationship about data and storage stuff. PUBG Mobile, which is so popular in India, is having some rules and changes for Indian People.

PUBG Mobile is the Biggest game trend in India as well as other places, This game gives life to many ones, Streamers, YouTubers, and much more content creator grown up with the help of PUBG Mobile. Now PUBG Mobile is under review by the Indian Government, and requests for a ban in India.

Affect of these Policies 

However, This is not going to be straight forward, some chances are also there for PUBG to survive in India.
 These whole things come into moderation by India-China bad relations nowadays, Claiming Chinese companies copying and taking all the data from Indians through these Chinese apps and games.

 After banning 100 Chinese server-based Apps including TikTok, now PUBG Mobile is taken into consideration. Read more below about new Policies.

Whats is inside a new Policy?

The revised privacy policy of PUBG Mobile relates mainly to the manner in which it stores user data. The Tencent-owned battle royale game is suggested to store data taken from Indian users only in India. The latest reforms also give Indian users important confidence that their precious information is not being sold anywhere to third party companies.

The Statement most of the Indian Players are getting since July 29 

Our servers are located in India (in the case of users located in India only), Singapore, Hong Kong SAR and the United States. In addition, our support, engineering, and other teams are located in our offices around the world (including the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”) (for the purpose of this privacy policy, this term excludes Taiwan, Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR), India (in the case of users located in India only), the United States and Hong Kong SAR will have access to player information

Here's what this Policy means -

1. The privacy policy suggests that PUBG should share data of users with third parties for better user experience.

2. The policies also state that third parties manage user information, and PUBG MOBILE needs to rely on third parties for its cloud backup services, ticketing support, and fraud detection.

3. In its privacy policy, PUBG further states that it gathers data from its users automatically when they use the Game Services. This includes open Name, IP address as well as system information.

What's the result of these?

If you still don't understand what does this POlicy Does, in Simple words, These are some new policies for Indians, which tells Indians, that PUBG Mobile is taking data for purposes and sets new rules for data backup and server stuff.

After all this, Will PUBG Mobile be ban?

At this point, we can't be sure about the PUBG ban, or India-China apps ban. After 100 Total Chinese apps banned, PUBG is taken into consideration. Although The updated privacy policies will help the government make its stand clear to PUBG MOBILE. You'll have to wait for the scrutiny to finish though.

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