PUBG Mobile Ban in India : is it going to Ban? Real Truth and Rumours

PUBG Mobile Ban in India: Real Truth about Ban By the Government

PUBG Mobile Ban in India

As everybody knows, PUBG Mobile is the Most Playable and Enjoyable game in the Android and has been awarded most of the achievements in Mobile Gaming. 

Now Wonder Mobile Games without PUBG Mobile, All Indian Gaming, and Tournaments, all would vanish. India is the Biggest Market for PUBG Mobile, with 1.4B Indians mostly all PUBG Mobile Youtubers and Streamers are from India.

After Banning 59 several apps including TikTok, Now Government of India is preparing to Ban PUBG Mobile. And This Desiocion is all over the Internet Globally trending, as well as on Streamers, who earns money by Streaming PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Ban is real or Fake? The Decision comes with India china's Relationship Nowadays, Including PUBG Mobile also sends data to Tencent, Which is the Big company in China. Indian Government plans to Ban PUBG.

PUBG Mobile New Privacy Policy for Indians

PUBG Mobile after all this, Made separate Policies for Indian Gamers, which contains some new changes and confirmations about data, storage, and all others.

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Why PUBG Mobile is Targetted after Tiktok and other apps?

After Government Bans Tiktok and all other Chinese server-based apps, PUBG is targetted, among the Indian Government, this was not taken into consideration while Banning Tiktok. But now PUBG is Taken into Consideration, with other few Chinese apps.

Is PUBG Mobile Game Chinese?

PUBG Mobile developed by Tencent + Bluehole, which is not complete Chinese, some of the servers are managed by the Chinese company - Tencent. Having looked at Tencent Games' growth, then went a step further and joined with Bluehole to create a mobile version of the game that Tencent would make. 

This triggers the Indian Government and the chances of Ban are now more than before. All Social Media is blown up by this Rumour. PUBG Mobile was therefore developed in a partnership between PUBG Corporation and Tencent Games headquartered in Shenzhen. This, therefore, has some connection with China.

Will Mobile Gaming in India affected by the PUBG ban?

The Answer is Yes. India is the Biggest Industry for mobile Gamers, especially when it comes to "PUBG Mobile". This Game is a life changer for many in India. Due to PUBG Mobile, many Streamers grew and become at Top Gaming in Indian Youtube.

Many Streamers like - Hydra Dynamo, who is the most subscribed PUBG Mobile Gamer and Streamer. Who Played PUBG Mobile on Tencent Emulator and achieve this goal, not only him, many Indian streamers are showed up and growing today also.

Indian Gaming will be Highly affected with this Decision. In India, the gaming community is growing day by day at a very faster rate. PUBG Mobile gives the best chance to grow for Indian Gaming, It gives a boost to Most Gamers, and due to t PUBG Mobile, India is growing in terms of gaming much now. India is being recognized in many tournaments because of PUBG Mobile. So this would be effected at very large if PUBG bans in India.

Will PUBG Lite also ban in India?

The PUBG Lite also has its servers in Tencent, However, this Game hasn't been talked much, and does not take by the government into consideration.

We believe, after PUBG Mobile this can be the target by the Indian Government. At this point, we can't guess about Ban or No ban.

Final Words

After all this, the things which come to our mind, it will be Ban or Not, in my Opinions, PUBG Mobile will not be baned, Government knows all and at every suspect, PUBG mobile is a great market in India. However, Policies are Updated for India. Still its the assumption, we can't guess at this moment. 

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