How to Play PUBG Mobile in 90 FPS and Reduce Lags

PUBG Mobile is a great game, since from the start, and everyone mostly knows what PUBG Mobile is, and how it is affecting everyone gaming on Android Phones.

Since from Season 1 to now, Season 13 PUBG Has been Entertaining and enjoyable and most players are playing not so many good devices like - 3gb and 4gb which are also not good for PUBG Mobile now to run.

Also most of them especially in India playing below 30FPS and surviving in the game.

Do FPS Matters in the Game?

Yes, Ofcourse FPS is the greatest factor for lags and shuttering while playing. FPS while playing matters a lot, FPS generally means Frame Per second, which actually loads frames (screens or loading) one by one per second, which is differentiated by the Device RAM and processor.

So Better the RAM and Processor in your Phone, Better will be the Frames will run in a second, and hence you will get Better FPS and the Game.

Mostly Devices are only capable of less than 30FPS and still, they are showing their skills by streaming and uploading montages into Youtube. So skills also matter.

What is 90FPS in PUBG Mobile

Now, Tencent Games finally adds support for 90fps in the US and other countries. So OnePlus users gone lucky this time, having this Special gift by the Tencent.

OnePlus has revealed that the famous battle royale game PUBG Mobile will now be played on a select range of its devices in 90 frames per second (FPS).

The Tencent games said the feature will be available only on series OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 7 T, and OnePlus 8. The 90 FPS experience will be available worldwide from 6 August to 6 September.

How to Play on 90 FPS with OnePlus?

So if you are in the Oneplus category, then there is nothing to do more to play on 90 FPS, besides those who do not have One plus.

∎ Open PUBG Mobile Game, log in your account with the OnePlus Device.

∎ Now Go to Settings, Click On Graphics -

∎ Now, therefore, OnePlus users, you will get Options like-

Smooth  Balanced  HD  HDR  UltraHD  90FPS

The 90FPS Settings would have been added if you doing these settings according to all rules for Onplus and the right dates. which is from 6 August to 7th September.

Limited time for 90FPS is from 6 Aug to 7 Sep 2020, So enjoy this epic graphics setting by Tencent.

Advantages of this 90FPS Graphics

The big difference between the 90fps version and the one you 're playing in right now is the smoothness you'll find on the first. 

The interaction with the game is more seamless than on the 60fps version, so people who are pro PUBG Mobile players will obviously have an advantage. 

Some features are -

  • 90 Hz Refresh rate (FPS)
  • Smoother Gameplay
  • Object Visibility
  • Long-range Distance 

These are one of the features which are only available for some OnePlus Series and also Previously, OnePlus partnered with Epic Games to allow users of their selected smartphones to run Fortnite in the 90fps.

Still, this one is going to be better than the Fortnite as PUBG Mobile is one of the Focussed games in the Mobile Market.