Dr. Disrespect comes back with a great Entry on Youtube! Leaves 500k live watching

Dr. Disrespect, A most famous well-known streamer of Live gaming, a king of twitch called, has been declared the reason for his career and ban in twitch, and many more. More things doc says about twitch ban, going to see on this page.

Dr. Disrespect streams again, having switched to YouTube a few weeks ago after having received a permaban from his partner website, Twitch. The very first stream goes live at 3 pm EDT yesterday. This broke all the records of Youtube live gaming, and this was all hype going.

At live he first makes a hype to his audience that he is coming on Youtube, he made a full-day live stream of dr disrespect dialogues and music, after that he made a timer on the live stream, and that was the moment he gained almost 500k people together on the stream.

In this all Hype and Doc comeback, He gains around many Donations, new members, and also the subscribers increased accordingly.

Doc Talking about His Twitch Ban

Around at the starting of his stream, when 500k people gathered together, he says about his ban on the twitch. He notes how he started 11 years ago on YouTube, and the feeling of being back is literally unparalleled. He goes on to show shock at the fact that, during his absence, a game like Fall Guys started circulating and hysterically scoffs at the mere thought of playing Valorant.

Some people want to know.. I would like to ask what happened.' Why were you banned? '"Beahm said at the start of his stream." Do you guess what? I want you to look at me in the fu*king eyes when I say that, all right? We still do not have a clue. "We have no idea, and I'm going to tell you this right now-as far as I 'm concerned, we haven't done anything to merit a ban, let alone how they banned us.

While doing live stream doc also got somehow emotional about his audience, and he was literally confused about what to do in that stream, he came with no idea, but as we all know, he is the best streamer, his actions and gameplay make really enjoyable.

Youtube Record Status 

While Streaming with more than 500k Live users on Youtube, and many subscribers as well as members he got. The first stream back to Doc ended up racking 7.2 million viewers, but after that, he almost gained the 5 times more than before. the screenshot of his Youtube studio is shown below, the data taken from SocialBlade -

Data from SocialBlade

Since Doc started teasing a streaming return on YouTube, its subscribers have really blown up. Doc has gained about 500,000 subscribers in the last 48-72 hours, currently taking up to 2.25 million. And left a big comeback in comparison with Ninja.

Fans Reaction on Doc's Return

People got amazed as well as happy for his great comeback, with a new fresh start. Some reactions we got from Twitter below.

The Video Below is shown the Comeback of Dr. Disrespect, tough the full live stream is not available to watch now, it got private. Meanwhile, watch the Edited video - 

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