Apex Legends Free Hack (Aimbot & Glow Hack) Working, Undetected 2020

Apex Legend Free Hack - ESP & Aimbot - Undetected 2020, No Ban

Apex Legend is a great game, and from release, this game has been used with cheats and hacks. In this post, we will provide you with working Free Apex Legends hack, The Hacks on our site are tested and free from any type of Virus or Malware.

The Cheat here is working great with the latest Windows 2004 update, Follow each and every step while installing the hack to be safe and avoid Ban.

The Cheat is free to use, comes with great EFI Aimbot and Glow ESP, which enables you to see through walls or highlighted color. Aimbot is used to shoot Enemy with Proper Aim, with an aim focused on the enemy.

StatusOutdated (wait for next update)
TypeEFI Aimbot + Glow Hack
Last UpdatedAugust 17, 2020

Description:  Apex Legends Free Hack

The Cheat Provided here is Working great without any driver errors and Undetected. However never use the free cheats on your Main account, The cheat is safe now, but can be detected any time, make sure you check the Status of the hack here, before using it.

Cheat Menu :

Features : 

ESP (Glow)

How to use Apex Legends Hack Free?

Follow the steps below to make the hack work, but before doing these must check these -

1. Copy the contents of the "USB" folder to your USB drive, restart your machine, and continue with the USB.
2. Press enter the console until you see the shell and search for your USB Drive.
3. Type Fs0: Click Enter, Then Type ls 

Type Fs1: Click Enter, then Type ls, and further do this until -
(Do this until you find your USB or Check Directory if you see memory.efi folder name written there.)

4. Enter load memory.efi
5. Enter Exit, and Remove your USB and Click Start Windows Normally.
6. Go to the Ring3 folder when you are back on your desktop.
7. Open any x64 process (Like Notepad.exe as Admin) any you wish as an administrator.
8. Drag and drop CRZAimbot.dll to INJ.exe in the ring3 folder, and type the name of the process you opened in the lower case (here if you opened notepad as admin, type notepad.exe)
9. The console will close and your cheat is ready to function (if you listen multiple beep sound, then everything is ok) if your opened process crashed try injection with some another process.
10. Now and you can now see a console window for configuring the cheat or a text for configuring it.
10. Run the Game, you will see the Hack is running.

Video Tutorial to Load Memory.efi

Download link :


1. Disable secure boot before Using the process to use the cheat.

2. Might not work with HDD Partitioned in GPT.
3. If you are unable to boot from USB, Try this -

4. Don't make any other settings in your Bios, or if you are a beginner with PC and Bios thing, avoid this Hack.

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