Highest Gaming live stream watching on youtube in india - Most Viewed Stream

Highest Gaming live stream watching on youtube in India - Most Viewed Stream

Hello everyone reading here, If you are not aware of the streamers who have highest watching till now, read the complete article. In India, PUBG Mobile is a very much popular game and has been in trend since release.

PUBG Mobile is a great market in the Indian Gaming Industry, This gave birth to many new streamers in India, and helps to grow many needy ones.

One of the great streamers in India is already at the top by streaming PUBG Mobile, COD, and other games. They do Live Stream also, Here first we will see a list of Indian Streamers who have the highest watching in the Youtube Gaming.

Hydra Dynamo
Carryislive (Carry Minati)
Cosmic YT
Kronten Gaming

These are some of the Top Streamers in India, which promote gaming in India by streaming on Youtube also there are more growing streamers who are trying to be become big streamers, in all between these, now we will see top record ever made at Youtube streaming in India.

MortaL, Scout, and Regaltos Makes New Record

These all three Youtubers made a new record in the Indian Gaming Live stream at a high level, by Streaming this week. These three streamers got above 100k+ watching which is completely amazing to see. Let's see these three Streamers record one by one.


Regaltos made a new record with more than 130k, which was completely amazing to see at that time, 


Sc0ut also made this new record with Watching more than 145k, that's a very huge amount of watching, slightly higher than Regaltos. Also, The Like record is have been made which is 230k (2.3L) which was also amazing.


Among all these two streamers above, Mortal crossed all other Streamers in the Gaming history and made a total record in Indian Gaming at 276K watching. Also, Likes were above 350k, with this amazing combo watching and likes. This amount of watching was for the first time, we have to see in Youtube India Gaming Live stream. 

Got to know they were maxing out Legendary Pharoah Outfit, which made the Audience totally awaited and crazy to watch them.

Mortal also gained more than 30k Subscribers in one live stream in a day yesterday on 4 August 2020.

Live Recording 

So these were some records made by our Indian Top streamers and this is the highest record ever made in the Gaming History. 

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