Kiddions Mod Menu GTA V (New Update) - God of All Mod Menu Online Undetected 2021

Hey guys, if you were waiting for the best Free GTA 5 Mod menu it is here! the Kiddion's Mod Menu is finally here working again and undetected. Kiddion's Mod Menu is the most popular mod menu ever made and used. now after very long time waiting for this menu, this is now working again, great news for the GTA 5 players.

TypeFree GTA 5 Mod Menu PC
versionv0.8.10 [Latest]
Last UpdatedDecember 30, 2020


The GTA V Mod Menu is working fine undetected with the great "Kiddion's Mod Menu". This Mod Menu is undetected and safe to use as compared to other free mod menu's. very simple to install and use, also free from any unwanted virus or trojan.

Features of Kiddions Modest Mod Menu:

Spawn Options
Many more

Changelogs Modest-menu v0.8.10 :

- Update for GTA5 1.0.2189.x
- Add some new blips
- Add Deliver Dinghy
- Add Deliver Kosatka
- Add Remove CEO Crates Cooldown
- Add Radio Antenna teleport locations
- Add new vehicles

Download link Kiddions v0.8.10:

How to use Kiddions Mod Menu safe-

1. Turn off your antivirus temporarily
2. Download the Mod Menu.
3. Start GTA  5 and run the Mod menu
4. Press OK

Now you are good to use the Mod Menu without any crash or error.

Hotkeys :

“F5” – menu

“Numpad 5” – option confirmation

“Numpad 0” – back

“Numpad 8” – function up

“Numpad 2” – down function

“Numpad 4” – decrease the value of a given option

“Numpad 6” – increases the value of the given option

Video Tutorial

Note :

• If you use a free menu, always check the Detection Status above before you use it. 
• If a menu is really undetected, any option should be exploited to the absolute limit. 
• If a menu is outdated, be sure to wait and download the new version from the site. 
• If the file Menu Downloading fails, try to close your antivirus or windows defender and try again.
• Some functions might not be 100% work online.
• This Mod Menu is safe to use but avoid getting reported by other players and avoid using god mode and Teleport around the players.

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