7 Apps that Every Gamer Should Have installed in Android Phone

Hello everyone, as you all have been Playing Android Games for long, here in this post we will see some major applications which you should have installed in your android device if you are a gamer.

What if you don't have the right resources at your fingertips to optimize your fun – and link to the gaming community? You want to be in a position to reach out to other players, have good visuals, monitor your play, and probably build a following. Find 7 of the best apps below to improve your gameplay.

Not only can these applications assist in your overall gaming experience, but they will also ensure that your PC runs smoothly and efficiently. Below are our picks for the 10 largest free Programming applications each gamer should try.

Quick Look

Focus Bot
Omlet arcade
Crosshair Hero
Game Booster
Wallpapers for gamers

Focus Bot

The First Application we are going to review is Focus Bot, This app is very useful and essential for every gamer, They must have installed this app. Many Mobile Phones or Androids have already installed features to Block Notifications and all incoming Calls while Gaming, and let you play your match peacefully or you can call Do not disturb Mode.

But if your device hasn't this Feature, you might be missing something very important. This app is for you, If you are Playing PUBG Mobile and at the very wrong time you receive a call, it might be a very bad thing to you, it comes over all your screen also in some Devices.

It Also Supports timing, through which you can set the Focus Mode will turn automatically ON. It also very useful when you are studying, Set Focus Mode, and its all better. So better to install this app and make your Gameplay better and play without notifications disturbance.

Omlet Arcade

Omelet arcade is very useful Streaming app for Gamers. if you are a good player with some skills, there is a much better opportunity for you to use the Omleet arcade. With Omlet arcade you can Stream any Games such as  - PUBG Mobile, COD, Mobile Legends, and many more on Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, and other known Online Streaming Platforms.

You can Stream without any issues or much lag, You can stream your Full gameplay without any restrictions while steaming, all over the globe. People can find you and like and comment at your Stream inside the app. Or also if you want to see other Popular gamers stream, this app also allows that.

Crosshair Hero

This app is very much useful for FPS Gamers, if you haven't used this app before, you must be amazed. This Crosshair Hero app generates a crosshair overlay for your favorite game. And this is very much useful if you are a sniperer and at bad aim. The Configuration of this app is very easy, does not require a separate manual for installing and using.


So this app, what it does is, it shows FPS counter to all your favorite games on the screen. So everyone wants to know that what FPS is it showing in your game, and might be interested to see it. Games like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, and others require different RAM and memory. So it's useful to see at what Frames the game is running at your device or Android Phone.

However, the Configuration of this Gamebench is might tricky you have to use it properly for each game so it shows you correct FPS in the game.

Video Tutorial to use Gamebench

Game booster

So everyone knows Gamebooster app, Gmebooster is common in both PC and Android. There are many Game booster in the Android Play store, we come through a very nice game booster that actually works.

Game booster does, your RAM cleans and Kills Background apps. However the app performance is not so much can be seen but if you use Gamebench or any FPS counter app, it will show you some little improvement in your FPS and hence makes your game smoother. It also gives you many features and options in Gamebooster settings and this is all overall Game Enhancer.

Wallpapers for Gamers HD

Many one of you have once used your favorite gaming wallpapers in your Android, or you have to download it from any best site in google. This app saves your time and energy and gives you best and HD wallpapers for the android, all resolutions.

Also useful for PC games wallpapers. No need to search it from the internet when you have this useful wallpapers app.


So in Short Gamify is the "Game-based New app". This app shows you all Latest and Updated Gaming or Video Games news. Including Android games, PC, X Box, Playstation, and much more time to time, with a great look. So if you want to see some news related to it, want to put reviews there, it's also available.

It's a one-stop destination for each and every gamer. Check your Favorite game News, All updated and correct, no fake news. 

So these were all 7 Apps which we recommend using if you are a gamer or play a lot of video games. You might have installed some of them already, be sure to share these apps information to your friends and family. So give a thumbs up and must share to needy ones.