Riot Recently Banned around 500+ Cheaters in Valorant using Free Cheat

As you all know, Valorant after CSGO is a craze for many gamers, many ones switched from CSGO to Valorant for much better strategic gameplay.

Valorant from beta release, it's going more popular because of its unique gameplay, a combination of CSGO and some bit of Fortnite.It leaves a great impact on players, the Valorant community is growing day by day.

Valorant is a great Multiplayer game to play with friends, with so many amazing powers given to agents and still have a love for this game, at this time.

With growing users in Valorant, hacks are also in the race, Free hacks as well as paid one, people are using cheats in valorant from beta version since now.

one thing valorant is unique that, if you are banned in Valorant from vanguard, those still banned in official release till now, no justice for them from vanguard.

Vanguard Vs Cheaters

People have real issues and concerns surrounding Valorant's anti-cheat software, Vanguard, have frustrated people. Yet there was no denying it did its job. It was allegedly found by several cheaters who used various hacks, leading to the cheaters being found disqualified from the closed beta

People Playing CSGO and others have not to fight with the Vanguard, Valorant Cheaters have really in Problem with Vanguard, People are too scared to use cheats, also if the Cheat is Paid.

Valorant Banwave

Still, No cheats left by the vanguard, when it starts the banwave.

Bawave generally bans a minimum of 200 and a maximum of 500 users at a single day to Ban all the cheaters who are exploiting in terms of any hack or trainer.

Recent Banwave was done on Unknown Cheats Free Valorant Cheat called Trainer, many ones got caught within this huge banwave. All credits go to the riot department on twitter.

However the Ban is HWID banned, the users who banned got hardware ban, so they can't play on that system again, until or unless they change their hardware ID or have to buy a new PC.

The Ban taken among many Cheats, Also the developer got Banned with this, this really got hurt the Developers. Even Paid cheats over 100$ can be caught by the Riot

Riot on Twitter

Since after many ones got caught in this Banwave, Riot has shared some unique and crazy screenshots from different sites as well as Discord server.

On, nearly 200-300 Ban record is there in the Banwave, this took many into the HWID ban.

They Invaded Discord servers, make screenshots of guys who are banned for proof. many sites free Cheats was busted due to some guy who reported the Cheat to Riot. This cheat was running for a long time since riot busted him.

The screenshots show cheaters complaining about Vanguard and saying many of them have been banned from the recent wave of the ban.

Tackling cheats has been a top priority for Riot ever since day one. For almost every free-to-play game, there are cheaters, but what it really comes down to is how the developers deal with those issues. The post from the Valorant team makes it clear that such bans are final, with limited potential to be reversed.