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PUBG Mobile vs FreeFire? which one is the best? everybody here who is confused, or wants to see who is the winner from both the games, you are here.

PUBG Mobile and Free Fire both are top-level games, both are FPS Multiplayer, Battle royal game, both have a huge fanbase. But in some cases, both games have some similarities which we will see in this post.


When we talking about Graphics here, so clearly the winner is PUBG in terms of Graphics and Overall quality. We can see that PUBG is made with Unreal engine, coded in c++ which makes the game really smooth and excellent at high-end devices. You must have at least 3gb of ram to run PUBG and to see all benefits of game graphics, you only need a high end phone like - Oneplus and other I- Pads. It works almost great when it has given good device and RAM.


If we talk about Gameplay here, both games are at equal peek. We can't say it directly on assumptions. PUBG Mobile is great in terms of gameplay when you kill someone, ride a bike, loot drops it all overall good, and excellent performance gave here. Also in Freefire, the same thing is there, both are great here in terms of Gameplay.


So, let be quick here, as everybody knows, PUBG mobile Characters are a simple boy or a girl, nothing than that we see in PUBG Mobile. But if we talk about free fire, we can clearly declare Free fire as a winner. Free Fire has so many characters, included in the game, with so many different features of these characters. However, PUBG Mobile is more realistic here, they don't focus on the Characters more. So here Free Fire did a great job.


Vehicles are in the both games, we can see it, But if we talk about availability and Fues management, PUBG Mobile is the winner here. Free Fire has vehicles but in less availability. PUBG Mobile Vehicles are more in a match, for water boats are also there, In boats, there are other boat types, which we can see it. So In terms of vehicles, PUBG wins here.


This is the very Important Point here, going to see. If we see Free Fire is 5 times more downloaded than PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile lags in term of Downloading from Playstore. The reason behind this is, PUBG mobile is almost 1.9GB in Download size, People using third-party apps to share with each other, In opposite, Free Fire is small in size and have many Downloads directly. So in terms of Downlaoding, Free Fire wins here.

Game time

The game time of Free Fire is less than the actual total timing of PUBG Mobile. Free Fire is really quick and for fun, you can just play and finish it earlier than PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile matches are very long, sometimes it reached a 1-hour game on a single match.


If we talk about Device compatibility and Device issues, clearly Free fire wins here. Free Fire is compatible with most of the devices, every low-end device. People can even play in 1 GB of ram without any issues. Free Fire with Less graphics and smoother gameplay given to almost many Indians who don't have a better device. That's the reason, why Free Fire is still alive.


So that was all, comparisons between Free Fire and PUBG Mobile, I hope you all enjoyed it reading and not bored. Thanks for reading, I hope you all Subscribe our newsletter and you will receive more interesting posts notification directly to you.