PUBG Mobile (0.19.0) New Map "LIVIK" Released with Awesome Update

Hello everyone, as you were all enjoying PUBG Mobile from season 1 and its been awesome game since release, although many bugs were there in old updates, but PUBG is really taking serious and fixed many in this Update.

PUBG Mobile is an Online Multiplayer Battle Royal Game with more than 100M+ Downloads and considered the best game for Android till now.

Today PUBG has released the PUBG 0.19.0 Update with a new Map called "Livik".

What's new in PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 Update?

PUBG Mobile new update is available to download with many patches and Bug fixes from the previous (0.18.0) version. Also Includes a new Map "Livik".

PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 patch Notes 

PUBG Mobile Patch notes said the players who Update the PUBG before 13 July 2020, in the Latest version 0.19.0 will get several gifts and skins by the PUBG.

Patch notes describe all things related to The Livik Update and what will come later in the next Update.

Livik Map Review

Livik Map is based upon Nordic behavior, nordic countries like - Iceland, Finland, etc. The Map size compromise 2x2km, with a 15-minute full match with total of 52 members in a match.

Livik puts map-exclusive gear and vehicles including sub-machinegun P90, marksman rifle Mk12, and vehicle Monster Truck. The map is still in its Beta stage and will be updated to enhance the gameplay.

Twitter source

More Upcoming things in PUBG Mobile

  • Livik super firearm training 
  • Spark the Flame-themed Gameplay
  • The Ancient Secret 
  • Season Warm-up Event Gameplay (at the end of S13)
  • New Arena Mode - "Team Gun Game"
  • New Map - LibraryNew Arena Mode
  • New Cheer Park and Quick Draw Features

Spark the Flame - Themed Gameplay

Spark the Flame is the new trending thing in the PUBG Mobile tweets as well officials, it is believed to be the theme for next season 14 Royal Pass theme.

It may include, prime and prime plus subscription with 300 RP and 900 RP for members with a subscription.

Arena Mode "Team Gun Game "

It will be like normal Arena Game, Players will play, and win.
According to the play and highest score, the player wins! with a 4x4 match, with last round with a Pan. Also, a Libary Mode with three routes has a chance to release soon.

Ancient Secret Mode

In this Ancient Secret Mode, there will be some Ancient Temple, with so many other new things like - Puzzle, Killing Boss, and others. 

Ancient Pyramid will have more loot than other places. In upcoming updates, you can see it as a Hot drop Places from Map directly.

There was a significant and well-needed update in topography while buildings and houses were reworked as well. The map also contains the usual vehicles including the motorbike, UAZ, buggy, etc. There's also a new monster truck added that can literally roll over almost everything but rockers.