LD Player Best Settings for Low End PC without any Lag 2020

Hello everyone, as we all use Emulators, Play Games on Emulators - such as Gameloop, Smartgaga, Memu, and LD Player. The most important thing to make it smooth is settings, settings to play without any lag or shuttering.

We will see some very useful and tricky settings to Play on LD Player, without any lag. I will give you the best settings for Low-end PC LD Player, which will benefit you to play PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile, Mobile legends on Emulator with less shuttering and lag.

What is LD Player?

Most of you, newbies if don't know what is LD Player, how does it works, here I will explain to you all basic.
LD Player is an Emulator, through which you can play Mobile games on PC without any device errors.
LD Player is very much better than all other emulators such as gameloop, Smartgaga, etc.
If you interested in Playing PUBG Mobile on PC, install, and emulator and you are good to go.

Brief Topics

System Settings
Battery Settings
Emulator settings
PUBG Mobile Settings

System Settings

Performance Settings

The most important step is to reduce all your animations running continuously in the background and taking your RAM and memory.

By reducing the animations it can help you a little bit to reduce the lag during the game.

Remove Junk Files

If you are using your PC for long, it may have many jun files located at someplace, you need to remove it completely to have smoother performance while using your PC.

Junk Files includes -

Temp Files
Old Prefetch Files
Cache Files
Memory Dumps
Window Log Files

These al files if store from a long period of time in your PC, it can definitely slow down your PC, and will give lag. So to remove all of these at once use - CCleaner. CCleaner will clean up all junk files for you, automatically after every boot.

Battery Settings

This Setting is only for Battery users or Laptop users. If you are running on Laptop, you may experience shuttering and lag sometimes while doing heavy tasks or gaming.

This have just basic solution, to fix go to Power Options - 

Create High performance (if not exists)
Do Settings as the Above Images
Make it Active

Whenever you play games or doing heavy tasks, Activate High Performance from Battery Settings.

Emulator Settings

High FPS

Go to Settings by clicking top right, make all the settings as same as the Image given. This will fix your FPS to best and reduce lag in-game.

Game Settings

Game Settings define the Settings to the Player while playing the game, You can set Game Resolutions to increase your Performance.

Multi-Player Settings

Do the settings as given below - 

Multi-Play Optimization - 

Set it to 60 FPS

Memory Optimization -

Tick - Use Less Memory and Graphics memory

These Settings will give a boost to the LD player while running and will help you to recover the lag very fast.