Is PUBG Lite Dead Officially? Reason to get Dead - Gamingaspect

Is PUBG Lite dead? or It's just a matter of time. Hello, users we in this post going to discuss and see really is the PUBG Lite dead or still Enjoyable.

Last year, PUBG Lite was a trend in upcoming games as a newer version of PUBG Mobile in PC. People were happy to get a PUBG Lite version to play in PC without any lag and shuttering.

Emulators was a serious issue at that time, Players thought they could leave the Emulators, Playing Mobile game on PC, doesn't seem good, so they can enjoy the PUBG Lite which will surely replace Emulators. But these things are only predictable. Things went reverse with these thoughts. and as a result, we see it today.

Emulators vs PUBG Lite

Most of the Players, last year, we're waiting for PUBG Lite, so they can shut off the Emulators and play real kind of game in PC, they did. The year PUBG Lite was in top trend.

Players were happy to play it the first time. But the time goes, the game dead, People are still using Emulators. The reason we got from many players why they still use Emulators is that - "Emulators is much more Enjoyable than the PUBG Lite Filled with bots".

Now you can own guess it, why people still use Emulators.

Reason For getting dead (Estimation)

So many of you were wondering, why the game went dead, what is the mistake here, The reason that we only can evaluate is - The game was so boring and enjoyable, Developers should be also involved in this, they should make it more interesting, People are Preferring to Emulators than this game.

Bots - PUBG Lite is full of Bots and less real players.
Matchmaking - The Matchmaking takes a really long time, especially when you are in solo. And there are 90% bots in the game.
Bugs - The game was released as a TDM, that was cool, after realizing it fully, the game filled with many bugs and glitches. that made the game totally boring.
Cheaters - PUBG Lite is so dead, only hackers are there exploiting the game, and playing for fun. 

Is it Still Enjoyable?

Yes, in some ways, Players still playing this game, and they play it regularly, after TDM and other Deathmatches some layers got back to the PUBG Lite and enjoy it. However, the planet is filled with many gamers, this game is not going to die soon.

These are the reasons, which we estimated according to us, we feel why pubg lite is dead. Some people still play PUBG Lite, this game not totally dead, But we can be sure, if the developers didn't do anything, it might be dead officially.

So, if you feel anything about this, why it's dead and some other reasons, feel free to comment down below.