Fix PUBG Mobile High Ping in 1 Minute: NetBlocker Tool review

Hello guys, as we all play PUBG Mobile and face High Ping Issues, and this irritates many users. In this post, we will see one Direct tool to fix PUBG Mobile lag or fix for High Ping in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile is a great game if we talk in terms of graphics, Gameplays, and Controls. This game is on-trend for Mobile games, and always trending.

The Game comes with an awesome experience if we see each gameplay but this all possible only if you have low ping. Sometimes playing, the ping automatically goes to 800 to 900ms, for high ping gamers, its impossible to play like this.

First, we will discuss the reasons for High Ping.

Reason for getting High Ping

High Ping means, bad internet, The internet is very important here. The reason can be your ISP (Internet speed Provider) for the bad ping. Change your ISP (sim) for getting better Ping in your area.

Another reason for Bad ping is, the internet is getting used at the time of playing or when you are in the match. that's the reason why it got fluctuated automatically from 100ms to 900ms.

How to Fix Ping Fluctuation?

Ping moves fro 100ms to 900ms? don't worry, don't blame your ISP provider. This problem might be coming when you have many background apps running in the background taking the internet, or hidden apps that automatically takes the internet when required.

Stop Background apps, also Turn off Sync. This is a very important step here, AUtomatic Sync is the real issue to get a high ping. Close Auto-sync fro settings and make it sure doesn't do other sync settings wrong.

High Ping fix tool

This tool can fix the real High Ping for many gamers, playing PUBG Mobile or any other Multiplayer battle royal game.
This app work is very straight forward, and nothing complex is there.

This Apps terminates or closes the internet to other apps that your phone is using, and just the internet is provided to the pubg at that time.

At short  - It Stops internet availability to other apps that you want to.

To use this app go to playstore and Install the Net Blocker - Block Internet per app, and you are good to play now. I hope this will help you to reduce ping lag in PUBG Mobile, if you are new, make sure you join our newsletter and get instant notification of our posts directly to your mail.