Best Emulator to Play PUBG Mobile on PC - Comparison

Best Emulator to Play PUBG Mobile on PC - Comparison of Different Emulators

Hello, everybody has played different types of games on Emulators, if you are just curious about which emulator is the best in Performance, so you can play without lag, and your game would be completely free from lag.

So, in case of these, in this thread, we will discuss several different emulators, and their performance, also sees why the emulators are giving lag, and at last, which is the best emulator or way to play games on it.

So at the start, what is Emulator?

An emulator is a Software or Platform through which you can play Mobile games on PC, It helps you really when you want to play PUBG Mobile or any other game with mouse and keyboard.

Those who don't want the small screen and thumb controls play on emulators, and its the best way to play on PC.

List of Emulators suggested

1. Gameloop

Gameloop is an official emulator to play by Tencent, mostly for PUBG Mobile its mostly used. Its the safest and Trusted Emulator in terms of security. But however, it's not lag-free. Gameloop lags a lot with 90% PC, even on High end PCs.
Lag, Shuttering, Stuck are common in Gameloop.

Graphics: Good Quality
FPS: High
Secure: Highly secure
Lag: High Lag, Shuttering, and Stuck issues.

2. Smartgaga

Smartgaga is also the most preferable emulator for Playing Games, However, its official development is stopped, still, you can download and use it from the internet. Smartgaga gives you lag free experience and sometimes shuttering, which is normal.

Graphics: Moderate
FPS: Medium
Secure: Less Secure
Lag: No lag, No Shuttering, sometimes crash

3. LD Player

LD Player is the underrated Emulator on the internet. Really it's amazing if you are a low end specs gamer or have bad PC. It works great with low end PC's, even there are many options to enhance your game in settings.

Graphics: Moderate
FPS: Medium
Secure: More Secure
Lag: No Lag, No Shuttering, No crash

4. Memu

Memu is the Emulator, only a few ones might have heard, but it also comes in this list and play big role in Emulators, Memu is mostly used by medium to High End PC. Its graphics quality is great, also some types of the crash are there.

Graphics: high
FPS: High
Secure: More Secure 
Lag: No game Lag, only crash

we have just discussed only a few main Emulators which are mostly used bu gamers, also there are other many emulators, you might have heard, but we only cover these big and main Emulators.

Why Emulator Lags so much?

Emulators are basically a normal type of Software, which runs on Windows, and takes many high amounts of Ram and CPU processing. It does 100's of tasks in emulators, which obviously affect the PC.

An emulator is a program, which runs as a virtual, to run the games, Emulator is in the middle of your game and the Hardware, this takes a huge amount of processing and hence it lags.

Alternative of Emulators

If you are tired of Playing games in Emulators, having so much lag in your PC, then this Operating system will help you a lot.

Phoenix OS - Phoenix OS is made for Low end PC Systems to play and enjoy mobile games on PC, without any lag. Phoenix OS is a whole different Operating system, like windows, used as a whole Android on your PC.

So using Phoenix OS is much better than laggy Emulators. Hope you understand all the points clearly, Thanks for reading.

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