[Latest] Valorant Free No recoil Free AHK Script, No Ban, Undetected 2020

Valorant Free hacks - No recoil AHK script Working 2020

Hey guys looking for free Valorant AHK scripts? Or the Valorant hacks which are working? Then you are in the right place, here you will get free Working and tested Games Hack.

Valorant is a free Multiplayer game developed by riot games and has instantly grown very high in terms of graphics as well as gameplay.

We just tested this Valorant No recoil macro hack and sharing this here.

Warning: This is for educational purposes only. Before you start using, I am not responsible for any harm done to your device. 

TypeLogitech No recoil Script Hack
FeaturesNo recoil, Stable, Compatible with Logitech Gaming Software

Valorant no recoil macro Description :

This Valorant hack is working with Logitech mouse only, working good without any ban reports. The hack is coded in the form of AHK scripts plus added a free no recoil. orking with great features like Valorant No recoil, Valorant No recoil Maco script.

Valorant AHK No recoil Features :

  • Valorant No recoil AHK
  • Easy aim
  • Compatible with Logitech Gaming software

How to use Valorant Hack in PC :

To use this hack, you will need Logitech G Hub software for implementation.

Download it from here - 


Instructions to use -> 
(Only for Logitech mouses)

1. Run Logitech G Hub
2. Under Profiles, Click scripting in any profile, then create a new Lua script.
3. Copy the Download script text and paste it there.

And you are ready to implement the hack and good to go. With this Hack, you can shoot the enemy accurately with less recoil than usual. Also, Feel free to download from our without any harmful viruses.

Note: Default Activate/Deactivate button is set to G3 for no recoil in the script, you can switch it out to any other button  in the code


1920x1080 windowed 
mod dpi 800 sens 0.7

Valorant Hack Script Download Link:

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  1. Is there a button I need to press to activiate it?

    1. G3 for No recoil and G5 for rapid fire. you can switch out the buttons according to you in line 4 of the script.

  2. When to press g5.. before starting the game or during the game??

    1. You can paste and run the script during the game, by minimizing the game.

  3. can i change the button to primary click ? or G4 / G5?

    1. yes you can change the key that you want, just change "arg == 3" at line 4 to any other button you want.

  4. my G4 / G5 is the side button. im using logitech g103

    1. you can change your activate/deactivate key at Line 4.

  5. why it goes down very fast xD. do i have to change any setting?

    1. try to change sensitivity of the mouse in-game

  6. why do we need to use math.random at line 16 & 17?

  7. Can u plz tell what should be the ingame sensitivity???

  8. I know you say line 4, but what do I put in line 4 to change the button. For example, I would like to change G3 to ScrollLock. where and what do I put

  9. Replies
    1. this is a public hack, there is always a risk to hack in the game

  10. how do I change the sensitivity?

  11. how to map to side buttons of G102?


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