VNHAX PUBG Emulator Hack 100% Working

vnhax pubg

Hi Gamers, we all know PUBG Mobile is spreading all around the world with its awesomeness Graphics and gameplay. with Increasing game Popularity the Game Hack developers are also increasing. Today we are back with another working PUBG mobile Free ESP hack, PUBG Mobile Aimbot, and many more.

But always remember to use only ESP, don't even think to try Aimbot or No recoil, otherwise, you will get a permanent ban in PUBG mobile.


This is for educational purposes only. Before you start using the Hack, I am not responsible for any harm to your Device. This hack is not made by me it is officially made by VNhax, Use it at your own risk.

VN HAX Plus 1.1

Vn Hax PUBG mobile Hacks are always at the top when it comes to downloading PUBG mobile Emulator Hacks, This VN HAX Plus 1.1 is a part of the VN Hax PUBG hack. This hack has a simple menu, which is easy to use and implement. we will see VN HAX PUBG ESP hack here only.

vnhax plus 1.1

Hack Description:

version: VNHAX Plus 1.1
Developer: VNHAX PUBG

Vn Hax PUBG Emulator Hack Description:

This PUBG Mobile Free Hack is developed by the VN hax Team, which is great, small-sized, you can visit their VNHAX Forum to know more about the VNHax PUBG Emulator hack. This hack works great as it also supports the English language, This VNhax English version is great and easy to understand for any player. The Hack is small in size and has also less load on the CPU. Close all background apps for better working of this VNHAX Pubg hack.

vn hax pubg

Features of VN Hax PUBG mobile Hack:

ESP, PUBG mobile wallhack
Aimbot- PUBG mobile hack Aimbot
➤PUBG Mobile Macro recoil hack
➤2D & 3D ESP boxes Supported


ESP Options: [Anti ban, Safe to use]
Esp hack is Safe to use in this hack, Still try to not get reported by the other players, and play smart.

Weapons Options [BAN RISK!]
No recoil Hack

Weapon Options includes All types of Recoil hack, which can be used but only when the enemy is near. Like this, no recoil is also not safe may get you into ban if used without precaution.

Recoil Control
Magic Bullet (Automatic aiming)

Aimbot Options [BAN RISK!]
Aimbot Hack

Don't use Aimbot, It will give you ban instantly. If you don't want to ban then never use any aimbot hack in PUBG Mobile.

Steps For Using PUBG MOBILE No Recoil Hack:

1. Turn off your Antivirus or Windows Defender temporarily.
2. Download VNHAX Loader named Vnhax Plus 1.1 and Extract it (password: ga)
3. Run, and Click Inject Hack

                           vn hax plus

4. Done! the hack will be automatic starts within 20 seconds.

vnhax pubg

vnhax pubg hack

vnhax pubg hack

Instructions for using Hack for Emulators:

F2 key-  Enable/ Disable the ESP

F3 key-  Show/Hide Boxes

F4 key- Enable/ Diable Skeletones

F5 key - Show/ Hide Long Lines

F6 key-  Health bar

F7 key- Show/ hide items

Working Vnhax Key 0.17.0 for Free PUBG Emulator Hack:

  1. 2f658fa464afa8be4022ac96520c8d07
  2. 9bce9498196a17d685f900d89817c07f
  3. 80c3452a705444d8eb2ee4f1744cc6de
  4. fc54812efc186beecd3d22ed5a5a68ee
  5. b8b81e501a87f72f66a537fc8d438b91
  6. 92eb11e9cf7b99c5ae896f13a6d9f7d6
  7. c7af494dd530c120747f0e5a6492c4d1
  8. c9bd4257afbddb858b3dff97eedb4c65
  9. 0a5913fcea723e349c7df5916333a62b
  10. 2f540b1ae5cad6135b61f477450f1bec
  11. 39ed17051f7210579aaf44e984c3ada5
  12. 72074ba5a6cf95853452fba0971a2645
  13. 83435689f171009c26a62f3018486712
  14. a451a29fe72b457b9db3f473c8f5e29a

PUBG MOBILE Hack VNHAX download:

PUBG MOBILE Emulator Hack download

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Don’t want to Ban? Read some Tips to avoid Ban:

Don't depend upon the hack completely use it only for some purposes
You can use the Hack only for some times when you think its really needed otherwise you can still play without hack most of the time on low tier.
Beware of Player Reports, it will directly put your account into suspicious checking.
A recent report of PUBG had reported that all the hackers who were Ban because of the User’s reporting. So it might save you from having a ban if you managed to not get reported by playing like a pro player.
Don't Use Aimbot, No recoil as it is not safe. I will not recommend to use it.
Don't use PUBG APK  Like- PUBG mod apk, Mobile mods, unlimited UC or unlimited battle points These are all Fake apk file, might waste your time and internet both plus its always a risk of getting Adwares, Malwares in the form of APK’s and Mod Money apk.
➤ Also, don't use any PUBG Mobile hack cheats free generator.