How to use Spectate hack in PUBG mobile 100% Working Undetected

Disclaimer: This is for educational purposes only. Before you start using the Hack, I am not responsible for any harm to your Device, if you use it wrong. Use it at your own risk.

Ever wondered how can we spectate ourselves into emulators using the hack and playing through the Mobile. Well hey guys, we are back with another crazy trick for Spectate hack.
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Most of the players are pushing their rank with the help of the Spectate hack. Do you know most of the Conquerers or top-ranked players in Asia are hackers? well if you don't know they use these types of Spetate hack to reach Asia top-ranked Players.

What is Spectate Hack in PUBG Mobile?

Spectate hack is nothing but using the hack into your PC or Desktop with Spectating and playing on Mobile. Basically, It’s when you use a second account on a different device to spectate ur main account or someone’s acc to see gameplay in which all hacks are active like ESP, Aibot and also the Speed Hack.lets see

Are there any Advantages of using PUBG Mobile Spectator Mode?

there are many advantages of using spectate hack, The first advantage is your main account would be safe and free from any suspicious activity because the hack is running into the second dummy account which is using the Hack to push your rank. So this is a 100% safe way to push your rank in PUBG Mobile.

How to use the PUBG Spectate hack in Emulator?

You need to have two devices. One you are actually playing on which is the Mobile. You then invite the second device to join your Lobby which is in the Emulator. The Emulator needs to be Bypassed, with any working Emulator Bypass Tool.

The second device (Emulator) has hacks enabled in it. Have the second account follow you. Now Kill the second account. Have the second account spectate you with the hacks enabled. So you have a second screen following your game with all hacks. And  If you get caught the second account(Emulator) is banned.

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Which hack should use for Second (Spectating) Account

You can use any hack which you need to use, the only thing you have to use is the Non-detectable hack, which is Undetected. Only use a safe hack that is working so that you ca Spectate yourself in the Game. Don't use random hacks, that will give you Ban! instantly. Buy Premium Hacks if you really into it, if you are serious about rank push.

If you cannot afford Paid Hacks then follow the tutorial:

You can use some of the Free hacks which are working,( before Playing check on a guest account) some of them are-

Memory Hackers PUBG Mobile Hack (Gameloop)
Deg gh Hack (Gameloop)
VNHax PUBG Mobile hack (Gameloop)

We will see Memory Hackers hack tutorial for this Spectator Mode, so let's see - spectate PUBG Mobile hack.

Steps for Using PUBG Mobile Spectate Hack (Gameloop Spectate Hack)

1. Make a second account (Fake account) in Emulator in which you have to use the Hack, Login that accounts into the Gameloop ( Emulator)

2. Use any Bypass Tool, to Bypass Emulator Detection.

2. Open PUBG Mobile in Mobile and log in to your Main account there.

Gameloop Spectate hack

3. Add the Second account as a friend from your Mobile, accept from the Emulator.

4. Now Invite the second account into the Lobby. to further begin with PUBG mobile Spectator hack.

PUBG Mobile Emulator Hack Process-

Download the Hack File from  Memory Hackers and Run it.
Now Go to link here. Go down Click PUBG Mobile. Install the Script by clicking INSTALL wait 30 seconds to implement.
The hack is now successfully running! Turn on the ESP, don't use Aimbot otherwise you will get a ban.

5. Start the Match, Kill your Second Account.
6. Boom! you can now spectate your main account from your PC by playing on the Mobile.

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You have activated your PUBG Mobile Spectator mode, Enjoy!

Don’t want to Ban? Read some Tips for Better Hacking-

Don't depend upon the hack completely use it only for some purposes
You can use the Hack only for some times when you think its really needed otherwise you can still play without hack most of the time on low tier.

Beware of Player Reports, it will directly put your account into suspicious checking.

"A recent report of PUBG had reported that all the hackers who were Ban because of the User’s reporting. So it might save you from having a ban if you managed to not get reported by playing like a pro player."

Don't Use Aimbot, No recoil as it is not safe. I will not recommend to use it.

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