How to get Free UC in PUBG Mobile?

Hey Guys, are you looking for PUBG Mobile Free UC? or want to know How to get Free UC in PUBG Mobile? we will see all of the tricks to get free UC in PUBG Mobile Android. Here We will See the Possible and Genuine ways to get PUBG Mobile Free UC cash.

Also, we will see Some Fake Websites which take your Personal Information and Asking to get Free UC on PUBG Mobile. These Websites are smartly designed that look like official PUBG Mobile Page. These sites are targeting the users who are in need of PUBG Mobile free UC generator. Try to avoid them if you don't want to waste your time.

Now let's see how to get free UC in PUBG Mobile android - 

6 Methods How to get free UC in PUBG Mobile Android 2020

PUBG Mobile is a great game that comes under the Online Multiplayer Battle Royal Games. It has really a huge amount of Player base around  + users Playing. It is the First Mobile, Android Game which has excellent Graphics and Gameplay which is ranked on Playstore and having  + Downloads. Besides that, It contains different types of Weapons and Outfits which make the Player look cool in the game. For those Fantasy Clothes and Gun Skins, you have to Purchase UC in the game with your Real Money with any process. So the Biggest Possible way to get UC is by Buying it yourself with real money. We will see how to get free UC in PUBG Mobile without hack.

It is very great in PUBG Mobile if you have Cool Gun Skins and fancy Clothes. It looks Cool and shows your personality in the PUBG mobile, that's why everyone is running to get Free Skins and UC in PUBG Mobile. Before PUBG Mobile there are also Games Like CSGO- Counter-strike Global Offensive which has also Cool Gun Skins.

How to get Free UC on PUBG Mobile- 

1. Purchase Royal Pass in Game

If you don't know How to Purchase Royal Pass in PUBG Mobile, And What is Royal Pass in PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Offers Gifts like- Free UC cash, Free Skins, Free Outfits for Special Players who have availed this Royal Pass. Royal Pass Price varies from Season t season. So if you want some Free UC cash in PUBG Mobile, Buy a Royal Pass.

2. Play Custom Rooms and Win Free UC cash

So if you are a true PUBG fan, you have also Played many custom rooms from youtube. You all have your Favorite Youtube channel spot where you always visit. There are many YouTubers who are Live with many Contests and Tournaments and making custom rooms and giving Free UC giveaways, Free UC cash to the Winner. This is the Great Time to show your skills and winning Free prizes in PUBG mobile. Open your Youtube, Search for Live PUBG custom rooms, and Join there.

3. Join Giveaways and Try to win Royal Pass and many more

There are many Platforms that give any random user ton of Gifts, PUBG Mobile free UC redeem code, Prizes, UC cash, and Even Free Royal Pass in PUBG Mobile. Also, you can Follow Youtubers which Provides free giveaways on a daily basis. Be active and Follow every Possible Giveaway and get a chance to win Big Royal Pass. Join Discord servers, Follow on Nimo TV, Facebook every Platform which can give you Free Giveaways.

4. Download Earning Apps

There are many apps in the market for both Android and ios, which can give you a Real Amount of money that can use in the Game. One of them is Google Opinion Rewards- Google Opinion reward is an Earning App from Google, so no need to worry about the Scam here. You can win money by Completing Various surveys which can take week to week for new surveys. The money will be added directly to your Google Play Account. After you have enough money in Google Wallet, Go to PUBG Shop and buy the stuff you like.

5. Play Bonus Challenges in PUBG Mobile

You can still play and win Bonus Coins, Based on the Bonus Challenges. there is an Option in Top Left called Bonus Challenge, you can do tasks written there and can get Bonus Coins.
Bonus Coins is the currency of Bonus Challenges, Through them, you can redeem UC in PUBG Mobile. Choose your Favorite map, and see challenges regarding those Maps. So Play more and more Bonus Challenge and win a huge amount of UC. This is also a great opportunity for players who can show their skills and earn good stuff.

6. Get UC as a Gift

This one is a bit odd way to get free UC, but it works. Ask for someone close to you or Any of your Freinds for some little amount of UC from their PUBG mobile account, slowly add them and make a good amount of UC and Purchase gun skins, Outfits from the UC's. There is Golden Chance if you have Birthday, ask your Close one to gift me Royal Pass as a gift.

So that was all about Genuine and Correct methods for Gaining UC in PUBG mobile. If you are thinking about earning Free UC from any website or using PUBG Mobile UC Generators then you are going wrong. There are no websites or pages which will give you free UC, they are fraud and Spam try to avoid them.

Again there is no way to get Free UC PUBG Mobile by Direct Clicking on a website or any Fake App.

What not to do to get Free UC for PUBG?

1. Try not to visit Websites which says " PUBG Mobile Free UC Hack".
2. Avoid Using PUBG Mobile free UC generators, all are fake.
3. Don't install apps which says " PUBG Mobile Mod APK unlimited UC"

Some common questions asked by the Players:

Q Is there a way to get free UC in PUBG mobile?

Yes, there are many ways to get Free UC in PUBG Mobile Android - Play Tournaments, Join Giveaways, Use Google Opinion Rewards, Save money and get Royal Pass.

How can I get UC in PUBG 2020 for free?

Win Tournaments, Play Online Custom Rooms live on Youtube, Follow Online Gamers, Play and win by showing your skills.

Can we hack UC in PUBG? How can I get unlimited UC?

No, You cannot hack UC in PUBG Mobile. There is no possible way to hack UC, You can hack the Game but UC hack is not possible. It is Protected, more secure in Online games.

How can I get free UC in PUBG IOS? how to get free UC in PUBG mobile ios

Similar to Android, Play Tournaments, Win tournaments and get free UC in PUBG Mobile.


That's all about How to get Free UC in PUBG mobile. I hope you had understood the concept of getting possible ways for UC. Again Try to avoid Fake websites that are willing to give you free UC. Always Purchase UC from Original Online Platform avoid Unauthorised platforms and be safe from the Scammers. Play well Win well.