How to lower PING - Improve your PC Gaming

Hey Guys, Today we gonna talk about How to Lower PING here. So many of us have faced some kind of issues in-game while playing. There can be several reasons for the lag, like- FPS lag( Player can having some Frames Lag due to its device lack of performance). PING can affect your game very severely if it's too high!

High Ping is not acceptable anywhere. High Ping frustrates the player so much, it is one of the worst lag in the gaming. Non-Gamers had no problem with the ping, but only gamers can understand what High ping can really do.

It doesn't matter how much pro you are, How well you play the game. IF your PING is not in range, then-No one stop you from getting crazy.

We Play Many Games, Like- CSGo, PUBG, DOTA, and many other Online MUltiplayer Battle Roita; Games. Online Gaming is everywhere, we can't hide it from. You don't need WiFi with 500mb/s downloading speed, the only thing matter is the latency, The PING.
Lower the PING would be, Greater would be the gameplay.

In this post we will see all the stuff related to the PING, what is ping? How to get Lower Ping, Howes it gonna Make our Game worse and Also the Solution to fix High PING in a game.

So lets first talk a bit about the PING-

What is PING?

So what is PING, how it affects our game. Ping generally measures the Data that how long does it takes to fetch from the server from the Internet( Server can be anything, maybe your favorite game server).

If we talk about in reality about PING, When you see any player moving so fast randomly, or Dropping some frames in the movement that the Ping Issue, you see because of the high PING. Higher ping can kill your Match and considered a killer lag. this is very Important while PLaying FPS Games(Frist person shooter)

Let's take another example- if you have been playing PUBG and see a player, but he hits you first, but you have already fire at him, also takes damage, but it only shows to us, In Actual, the player didn't get any damage, it reaches to the server late, due to the high PING.

If we gonna explain in Developers term, let me explain to you- In the Game whenever you shot an enemy, you are sending the data(Shoted enemy) to the Game server. I will tell you how it actually works. After the Data has been assigned the server responds back with another data( generally an acknowledgment of the first data given), it checks actually you had shot an enemy or not. This while runs very fast in Milliseconds. It depends upon your ping.
That's why Higher ping means the whole process takes a long time to do, and hence you have a LAG!

This whole thing depends upon the ping. Here low ping is really needed, low ping actually works best.

Having High PING? Why is it High?

If we talk about High Ping, we have seen how high ping can be really deadly if you are playing your fun game. But ever Thought about your ping, why is it High? Why my Opponents PING is normal?

We will discuss many several reasons which might be the main reasons for your bad PING.

Server Fault

Another thing we have to take in mind that Bad PING is not always from your side, it can be the server's fault, sometimes the server is under temporary maintenance at that time you can get the really high ping and High Packet loss.

So how to check this? Is that your Ping problem or is that the Server-side problem? If you ping is usual in other third-party applications or another Online game, but high in your first game (which you are playing), then it's from your server-side. Take a break and play another game tit fixes automatically.


Bandwidth can be the Major problem with your GAme, Not always there would be server-side faults.
So if you don't know, bandwidth is the maximum rate of data transfer across the given path( path means your platform like your GAME). in ordinary words, if your internet can't take full, complete data across the game, it's your Internet fault. It's better to check if someone is already connected to your internet or downloading movies and games. So better reduce the peoples who are connected to your WiFi.

Bandwidth depends upon the user's connectivity, how many users are connected to the same network.
When you are playing an online game or cloud-based game, your internet needs to be good, they required tons of bandwidth to the procedure. Also depends upon your traffic, so it can be another reason for issues, try playing on a time when most people are not playing, it might solve your problems.

Registry Settings

This next part only applies to PC gamers.
Your computer, in many ways, is not optimized for gaming. Sometimes there are delays for no apparent good reason. Luckily, there are actually some easy registry hacks that can help you lower your ping. While it might not solve all your ping problems, it certainly does not hurt to try. This fix was found over at TechCrises, but I have it available here for offline viewing just in case.

Your ping may be high for any number of reasons. This includes local issues (problems stemming from your end) such as bandwidth limits, traffic congestion, and faulty or outdated hardware.
It may also be due to your distance from the host server, technical issues, or software imperfections from the game's end.
That said, it's usually a combination of issues from your end and the server's side. Unfortunately, players don't have any control over the game's servers. But they do have a lot of control over their own setups.
With us so far? Excellent! Now let's take a look at how to get a better ping.

High PING vs Low PING 

Gaming doesn't necessarily need a super-high-speed internet link. Indeed, it has been shown that about 3 Mbps are enough to submit and receive the information games need to play multiplayer online. If you are constantly downloading new games, you may want to spring up for a faster link, as this will boost download times drastically. However, 3 Mbps should be sufficient enough for all intents and purposes.

However, we also recommend that gamers opt for slightly more than 3 Mbps. Often speeds recorded by an ISP are unreliable, or speeds that decrease during high-use times. Also, maybe you just want the extra protection margin only in case. We've seen most guidelines range from 6-12 Mbps. With the average Internet speed approaching 19 Mbps in America, this will not be a concern for those reading this from the United States. To those outside the U.S., the average speed is about 9 Mbps globally, and that might or may not pose a problem to you.

How to reduce High PING

How to lower your ping? There is no specific way of reducing your ping, but rather a variety of potential solutions – it is a method of trial and error. The first, and easiest, a solution is to close all other programs and windows on your computer, ensuring that no active downloads are running in the background which could affect the ping.

Another problem may be that someone else runs a bandwidth-hungry service in your home, like watching Netflix in 4 Kor uploading large files. The higher ping you'll get, the more devices you've linked and are used the internet connection.

If you're wondering how to reduce ping, you have several choices to choose from. We've written a full guide on how to get the lower ping and improve your in-game efficiency, from merely connecting to nearer servers, to picking up a new gaming router.

How to Check your PING

By using, the most common online speed test, you can test the latency of your Internet connection. Anything below a 20ms ping is considered okay, while anything over 150ms could lead to significant delay. You may have the best gaming PC, but with a sluggish ping, your activities would take a lot longer to execute than your online peers, giving you an online disadvantage.

When you need to check your Internet speed, ping, or both, Google provides plenty of sites that come up. We suggest speed testing as this is the most reliable we have found. You can also pick a server similar to the gaming server you may be using with Speedtest. Connecting to a server closer to your own position would display a lower ping compared to a server that may be farther away as your Computer or console signals take longer to reach the spot and return the information. You can also compare your result with other players so that you get an idea of what other gamers would encounter while playing in terms of their link speeds.

Best ping for Games

They calculate ping in milliseconds. That might not sound like a lot of time, but it really matters when you're playing milliseconds. If you're a player who's serious about gambling you'd like to get a ping about 20 ms or less. However, most sites suggest that for most gamers, something under 100 ms is deemed "playable".

To the average gamer, we recommend something below 50 ms as a decent ping. The problem is that it is always not possible to try to reach 20 ms. Unless the server is far away, you'll rarely get a ping of 20 ms regularly. Also, when it comes to ping using a bit of meaning. If you can't get your ping under 100 ms but note it doesn't affect your gameplay, don't worry about it.

Ethernet vs Wireless - Which is the Best?

If you have a question regarding How to lower Ping Ethernet, One of the most popular tips for online gamers to permanently lower ping is switching from a Wireless WiFi connection to a wired Ethernet link. WiFi is found to cause jitters in transmission, loss of packets and higher latency.

Although a WiFi signal from your router to your console is much cleaner (clutter-free and needs no additional wires), your network connection's signal quality and speed can suffer as wireless signals may degrade for several reasons. Often, wireless signals are not reliable and can fluctuate occasionally. Even your house's walls can impact WiFi signals, and interference from other wireless signals or electronic devices can also prove harmful.

An ethernet link transfers signals faster than WiFi, and more reliably. Also, interference would be mostly unaffected an ethernet link. WiFi users are feeling even more jitter, too. You'll usually get a lower ping going over an ethernet link, also. Although the difference in ping can be small, generally about 3 ms for wireless connections and 0.3 ms for wired connections, every little bit helps. The only downside here is the wires' intransigence if you don't run them through the wall.

Although we do reinstate an ethernet link of severe gamers, most regular players won't find much of a difference between a wired or wireless gaming link. However, a quick and fast first step if you are searching for ways to lower your ping is to connect to a wired connection and run a ping check.

So if you have Questioned in your Mind, How to lower my Ping? Check down some effective ways for lower down the Ping-

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15 Effective ways for Lowering the ping

Use Ethernet Instead of WiFi

Your communication problems may be due to your wireless internet a lot of times. Often routers seem to get crowded with data packets if you're not the only one who uses the tool. As a result, network packets are slowed down, and you face a high ping as a result.

Turning to Ethernet is an easy first step towards lowering your ping. Because of its unreliability WiFi is considered to increase latency, packet loss and jitter. It is known that a plethora of household devices interfere with WiFi which makes it sub-optimal for online gaming. The easiest way to ensure you have the lowest ping possible and a much more secure connection is to connect directly to a computer with Ethernet. Save a bit of misery later, and buy a cable now.

As long as the router isn't the problem, your ping will almost always be lower on a wired connection than on a wireless one.
If this doesn't lower your ping, your router is most likely causing your low ping or the internet connection coming directly from your ISP could be to blame.

Gaming on a wired network is, for the most part, still superior to gaming on a wireless one. That is because directly plugging into your router's Ethernet port offers direct access to the network itself. 

One of the most popular tips for online gamers to permanently lower ping is switching from a Wireless WiFi connection to a wired Ethernet link. WiFi is found to cause jitters in transmission, loss of packets and higher latency.

To get started, all one has to do is simply buy an Ethernet cable.

Close Background Programs

1. Any background program or piece of software that you leave to run slows your computer significantly. It is especially true if such apps need an internet connection, as is the case for web browsers and apps such as the Steam Launcher.

Luckily, having them disabled is an easy matter. Here's how to toggle off Windows 10 background apps:
1. Go to Continue, and click on Panel 
2 Settings. Navigate to Tab on Privacy. 
3. Close Background apps
4. Here you can find a list of apps which can run in the background. Scroll down the list and shut off any apps which are not crucial during gaming. In the future, you can always turn these back on.

2. Your ping would be severely affected by getting bandwidth-heavy programs like Netflix, torrenting sites and even other games that run. This refers to all computers running background programs and websites, not just the one you're playing on.
  •  If you have any downloads on the screen, pause or cancel them.
  •  Non-Internet-based programs do not affect your ping, although it will affect the output of your game.
3. Losing any applications that may be running background (for PC gamers) can help take some of your device's load.

4. Background programs will hog up a lot of your bandwidth, which results in increased latency, depending on the details. The number one criminals are applications that update automatically such as Steam, or even Windows Update occasionally. But some other services and websites use a lot of your bandwidth, including Netflix, Spotify and Twitch. Often this can be done by your internet connection but not always.

However, because of the additional strain on your graphics card, video streams will cause framerate issues. If you have a state-of-the-art card, the video quality and clarity will still have some effect.

Remove Other Devices from Your Network

Just so many devices can be enabled by routers and Internet connections, and any equipment in use can subtract from the available connection speed and increase your ping. 
• That could be difficult if you live with several people. Using an Ethernet link is the next best thing. 
• Consider placing your mobile devices in Airplane Mode when you're online because this will take them off the WiFi network without requiring you to use cellular data.

If your link is weak, do not use any additional devices to carry in more details. You can use a microphone to communicate with your teammates, for example, but this increases the total bandwidth and further delays your communication.

Any additional computer in your network puts your bandwidth under pressure. While a computer and a mobile phone do not significantly affect things, when you start factoring in consoles, additional processors, tablets and gadgets for your roommates or family, the amount of traffic that your router is handling is possibly too much. Excessive numbers of devices can affect game stability and latency.

Disconnecting all other devices can be complicated, but doing what you can to reduce the number of connected devices can have a significant impact in lowering your ping.

A good practice when playing online games is to close applications and programs which run in the background. That also helps to lower the load on your machine. There are several occasions when your link to the game server is right, but the pressure on the computer in many cases leaves your online game lagging behind.

Make sure you close the programs in the back before you link to any online game. This also helps reduce the total bandwidth that your device uses as many of the programs and applications suck on to your internet, and you end up searching Google for solutions to lower ping.

Optimize Game Settings

It's essential to ensure your game settings are configured from a Computer resource perspective. Although pretty graphics and ultra-settings can be visually appealing, framerates can be impacted. It is crucial to ensure that the settings you select for the smoothest gaming experience are supported by your graphics card, RAM and Processor.

Optimizing this may require some tuning, but most games will usually maximize performance based on your PC design. Yeah, the game may not look photoreal, but you can at least land your headshots.

Whitelist Your Games for Antivirus and Firewall

The firewall and antivirus of your device will scan packets intermittently because they are sent from a central game server. This sometimes causes a slight latency delay; sometimes packages are denied by your protection, or completely lost. Make sure your games are whitelisted in your security settings will lower the loss of the packets and can increase ping times slightly.

Select Nearest Servers

Playing on a server in your country (or, more accurately, on your countryside) will drastically reduce your ping if you're used to playing on servers in other countries. Although you may need to set a few minutes in a lobby before you can enter a game, the higher score is worth the wait.

• Some games allow you to sort game servers by country or venue. This will help you connect to the server that is closest to you. 
• The majority of the games show your ping or a set of ping bars next to different servers.

If the game you're playing allows you to pick one of their servers that you want to play on, always choose a place near where you play. As mentioned above, the closer the ping is to the physical distance between yourself and the server.

If you're playing online, and when you're connecting to the game, you want to reduce ping, the best way to lower ping is to pick the servers nearest your location. Any server that is closest to your location would allow better pc-to-PC communication, and would therefore greatly help lower ping.

Turn Off Your Updates

Although those updates are important to your machine, they can wait. Can't do your game. Be sure to turn off all of your alerts when you start playing online. It helps in a game because it removes a lot of the bandwidth from the notifications. 

Most importantly, keep an eye on your antivirus as it monitors your bandwidth every day. Turning off notifications will send you one of the primary measures you take on how to reduce ping. Good thing this only takes a right-click to deactivate your device tray antivirus updates.

Reset Your Network Settings

Find your model router (or modem) and check for the perfect settings. A lot of brilliant computer geeks have probably already gone ahead and found some of the best router or modem settings available. Take advantage of this and plug in your router or modem with the best settings, and watch your ping get lower.

Another set of smooth and effortless solutions involves checking for any problems which can quickly solve by tweaking with the internet router. The oldest trick in the book, of course, is to manually switch the router off and back on again.

Specifically, removing the power cable from the router is recommended, waiting for a minute or two and then plugging it back in again. If the internet system is a different modem and router, make sure both, and not just the router itself, are unplugged and replugged.

Another primary suggested the move is to look at the wires that connect the wall box and the router and make sure they are completely plugged in and undamaged. Cable links can be loosened over time, and the solution lies simply in locking them up again.

If you are playing online games on your laptop, then you are possibly connected to the internet via a router or, in many cases, via a modem. You should uninstall your router to fix all of your networking problems. Only shut off the router and wait for one or two minutes. Turn it on, and use the site as usual. Since restarting a router resets the cache which might have been congested if it remained on for a long time, you'd notice a difference.

You can also reset your network by logging in to and restarting your router's admin panel from there. Cleaning up internet cache by this approach significantly reduces ping.

Don't use a VPN or a proxy when playing online

VPNs add an additional node to bind, and thus more latency. However, there are a few unusual exceptions for why you might find a gaming VPN.

Use a 5GHz network

 If you are playing over WiFi, make sure you are connected to the 5 GHz connection if it is available. 2.4 GHz may provide a broader range, but 5 GHz is much faster. If using 5 GHz, make sure your wireless router or modem is close to your console.

Clean Your Computer

Clean up. Dust is an enemy you hate. Dust layers cause overheating, as proper ventilation on your machine is not possible, and the overall processes appear to get sluggish due to heat. There is also a chance that because of that, your network adapter could trigger lag problems.

The machine in question could be dusty from years of dust collecting, or it could be overheated due to constant use. Virtual gamers are told to cautiously open the machine and check to see if the device is dusty. Dust is very harmful to the output of a computer, and thus, it also affects the gaming experience.
Clean all layers of dust accumulated on the device to avoid overheating, and provide the system with adequate ventilation. As a consequence, slowed-down systems immediately accelerate. For the same reasons, even the network adapter can cause lag problems.

Choose a Gaming Router

If you haven't upgraded your router for some time, or if you rent a cheap router from your ISP, upgrading to a dedicated gaming router would make all the difference. 
To lower your ping is almost sure to select a powerful new model designed exclusively for gambling.

This will increase latency and lower your ping because newer routers and modems typically have higher link speeds as well as other new technologies that lead to speedups. Additionally, if you have a wireless network, many of the more modern wireless routers and modems have increased range that may decrease signal loss that is susceptible to wireless signals.

 It is also often recommended to upgrade to a better router than the usually ISP-supplied default ones because they do not make the most of the internet connections. Advanced routers have higher link speeds and increased WiFi coverage.

Restart your router and modem

If your network equipment is working non-stop, it may not function properly. Removing the power cables from both the modem and the router, waiting for thirty seconds or so and then re-attaching them would refresh your Internet link and theoretically lower your ping.
It can take your network a few moments to get back online after you plug the router in. 
The cache on your router or modem is filled in overtime, and the system gets bogged down. The router reset will clear the cache and get your computer back to square one. Try flushing your cache on DNS, too.

Contact the Customer Support line for your internet service provider

Call your ISP to make them aware of your latency problems before taking any steps to remove your router. They can get you a less expensive response. 
 It's always simpler and cheaper to upgrade your router.

Besides all of that tips for reducing Ping, There is much software to reduce ping, you can try, give a google search about this.

Some Common Questions asked by users-

Q How do I decrease ping?

Close Background apps which are using the internet using Task manager, Limit the users connecting to the same router and Close the Automatic Updates, which might be running in the background.

Q How do I fix high ping?

You can fix the PING issue by modifying and changing the router settings, if not Fixes, try to Reset your modem and calling your ISP for advanced help.

Q Why my ping is so high?

Ping can be high due to The Apps running in the background, Check Window updates and temporarily pause them.

Q What is considered a good ping?

Depends upon your Area ( Your city of Server Origin) You can get around minimum 5 ms to 100ms they are considered to be a Good Ping ina game.

Q How to lower Ping in Fortnite in all Platforms?

Like other Online Multiplayer Battle Roya Games, Fortnite can be played in lower ping. So how to get lower ping in Fortnite, It can be achieved by selecting the right servers in-game, and Closing other Apps running in the background.

Q How to lower ping in Fortnite Xbox- How to lower Ping in Fortnite?

For lower Ping on Xbox, just Go to Settings-> Power and Startup Settings and Change Power Mode to Energy Saving. That will help you a bit the device to boot fast and Improvement.

Q How to lower ping in Fortnite ps4- How to lower ping in PS4?

Delete other Files, Games, and Apps and give high priority to your Primary Game and also Change your Wifi to wireless Connectivity.

Q how to lower ping in Fortnite PC

Update your Device Drivers, Close Background Processes, and set Fortnite Priority High on Windows using Task Manager.

Q How to Lower Ping in Android- How to lower Ping in Android Game?

Just Like PC, Clean all the Junk Files and Old Apps which you don't use much. Also, Update your Apps to its Latest version. Close Auto-update in Google PlayStore.

So that's all about Solving High Ping Issue, Hope it helps you and don't forget to Comment down about these, any suggestions or want help Comment down.