PUBG Mobile Tricks: Tips for Chicken Dinner

We all know PUBG Mobile, We will see PUBG Mobile Tricks in this Whole Guide. PUBG Mobile has an incredibly massive number of Players and has Broken Many records in terms of Battle Royal Games.
So if anyone new, What is PUBG Mobile? It's Player Unknown's Battleground is an Online Battle Royal game, which is pretty sweet. And according to The Esports Observer, PUBG Mobile has gained more than 400 Million users, and more than 50 million are Playing in a day, That's pretty nice to have this Popular Game, we will see some Top Tricks which are needed to become a royal battle master.

Pubg Mobile Tricks

The Concept of PUBG is to survive on the area with other players having 100 total Players in a  Match, with great weapons and Cars one can make use of.

A complete Battle Royal in which The one who survives and the one who is last man standing wins the game.

You will find some critical PUBG Mobile tips and tricks in this guide, which will place you forward in the competition and help to get you chicken dinners.

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

PUBG Modes

So you might be thinking about modes, PUBG has several modes which are all distinct, Pubg contains some different Modes for Playing which are great to play, some of them are classified as

Pubg Mobile Tricks

Classic Mode
Arcade Mode
Arena Mode
PlayLab Mode

Classic ModeClassic Mode is the primary Gaming Mode of the PUBG Mobile. Everything you will need to push your rank or maintaining you KD will decide this Mode. If you want to push your rank and want to go to Esports or Conquerer level, This Mode will help you to achieve this.

Arcade ModeArcade mode is the Best Mode for practicing. PUBG Mobile newbies or New Players or the one who wants to improve their Gameplay arcade mode is for you. Arcade Mode gives you the Best Opportunity to survive in the Match within a small circle, and less time, this improves your Capability and accuracy in the game and very much helpful for getting Chicken Dinner.

Arena Mode: The Other section includes modes such as
TDM (Team Deathmatch)
Evoground Mode
All these Modes are Optional ones and don't have many specials. These modes are generally Arena Modes, which let you play team vs. team by spawning on Opposite Locations like Warehouse and Towns. These are usually a Deathmatch like other Games- Counter-Strike and DOTA.

PlayLab ModePayLab Mode consists- RageGear- TDM and Payload that are an Unofficially Mode, which are more like classic modes. Payload Modes consists of Helicopters, And more additional features, nothing more than that.

Let's see some tips for PUBG Mobile -

Top 10 Tips PUBG Mobile

1. Choose Best Landing Spot

Pubg Mobile Tricks

The first and fundamental rule of the Match is to Land, according to you, according to your Strategy. Most of the Players Land anywhere and get killed by others, especially beginners. So set your landing area when the Match starts or at the Spawn. Don't focus on the loot at the beginning focus on your jump. If you are Beginner, avoid Big locations like- Georgopol, Novo, Pochinki. Instead of that, go to Moderate places like Gatka, Mylta, Farm. And of course, align yourself down to go fast at 234m/s speed and reach more quickly than the others.

2. Choose your Niche ( TPP or FPP)

Pubg Mobile Tricks

So whenever you play PUBG mobile, you want to push your rank or maintain your K/D by performing well on matches or having Chicken dinner. PUBG has two Gameplay Mode, which is TPP -Third Person perception and FPP- First Person Perception. Set your Niche y\where you want to rank push according to your interest and focus on that Mode only. This will increase your gameplay time and Matches on that Mode and will rank fast on the Mode.
Similarly, you can choose between SOLO, DUO, and SQAD according to your game Strategy.

3. Focus on Loot at Beginning

Pubg Mobile Tricks

Now, when you landed on your SpotSpot, its time to loot, and here don't go for your best Gun or equipment ( vests & Helmets); just pick up what you see. Because you don't want to get knocked by the EnemyEnemy if he or she picks up first. So at starting Gun doesn't matter and also take any level vests and helmets. And then you are ready to kill.
Your first priority is to find any Gun; it can be a Pistol, Shotgun, or any other. and it's also essential to stay away from Battle already happening. Only focus on loot at the start of the Match, in case, if you don't loot well and go through the Battle, you might be killed.

4. Choose your Best Gun

After you have loot well and surviving in the Match for more than 10 minutes, you will be having some good guns, health kits, and other items. If not, then it is imperative to choose your best Gun for the further Match; if you have your best Gun, which you control well, then it will increase the chance of killing an enemy more accurately than the Gun, which you don't have control on it.
Choose your Gun according to the Close Range and Far Range. Generally, for Close Range, you can take any SMGs or Assault Rifles(AR), and for the Far Range, use Any Sniper Rifle or use AR with Single Tap Mode.

5. Always Check the Map

Pubg Mobile Tricks

So, this is also a part of being a pro player, as the Checking Map can assure your location and Any warnings. The Map will show you all the things such as Enemy mark, Loot, Vehicles, and the significant one the Zone. If you don't check the Map correctly, you might be killed by the EnemyEnemy, which was behind you, or you can die by the car. Check your Map Properly for Different Signs and Marks. Another essential use of Map is for Proper Game Alignment, You might follow each other in-game or Communicate and mark locations on the Map and also the Far Enemy Location with the help of coordinates.

5. Use Vehicles

Pubg Mobile Tricks

Vehicles are the most essential part of the gameGame when it comes to surviving and a quick escape. Some of the Vehicles in PUBG are- Dacia,  Suppose you are very far away from the Zone, and its the ending zone, your Health would deduct at a very much faster rate, then you have to be a vehicle. Vehicles can't be ignored in the Match, whenever you need to get rid away from the Enemies, or you want to make a cover with your car by bursting it. 

7. Never Engage in Ongoing Battle

You might have faced a situation when there is already a fight happening on your other side. Try not to go into there, avoid third parting them until or unless you are confident and have more advantages than them. My suggestion is to not get involved in them. It can be risky also if you managed to get into them; you might be bait for them, who knows, you can be sandwiched between them. So wait for them to low down and wait for the right moment, and you are ready to go.

8.Set Custom Pickups

This Custom Pickup strategy is very much useful for your Bag.his Option enables you to set your pickup limits like ammo, grenades, and Other kinds of Stuff this will make more space in your Bag, and you can keep more items. You might don't want to pick up shotguns ammo automatically or any other unwanted 2x scope. You can solve this by using Custom pickup settings. Go to Settings and Change your Custom Pickups According to you.his Option enables you to set your pickup limits like ammo, grenades, and Other kinds of Stuff.
Bag space is very much valuable, proper management is necessary if you keep the excellent Stuff which might help you in the game it is better. 

9. Have some Energy Drinks

Pubg Mobile Tricks

Energy drinks are the best way to restore your Health back faster. Always take Energy Drinks with you. Energy drinks are essential if you lack Bandages or Health kits. It will slowly increase your Health to its first level 100% quickly.  If you want to rush or get to the Zone fast, the energy drinks can help you to survive more, and it stops your Health from going low and maintains to increase it rapidly.
So I will recommend it would be better if you keep more drinks and fewer Health kits.

10. Play with your own Squad

Pubg Mobile Tricks

This is the worst step you all have faced someday. Ever Played with Randoms? Random Players are their own boss, they don't talk and jumps to arbitrary locations on the Map, this makes the game worse and results in loss or get killed be other Squads.
It is Better to be with Proper teams, or they can be your Friends. This keeps Unity and Communication makes it easy when you play with known players. So better to play with Friends and enable voice chat and share your item sand avoid Random Matchmaking.

10. Crouch, Jump, Lie down- Wait for the right moment

If you are surrounded by the Enemy or some squads, just don't panic and shoot. Get a safe place or a cover and do crouching. Lying down. Don't shoot anonymously; there is no point in shooting like that instead of that wait for the EnemyEnemy to come close to you then take action. Take Patience and wait for the Enemy don't push yourself in that condition, that's the key to getting some easy kills.

PUBG mobile tricks and tips: Best Game Settings

When it comes to Best Tips and tricks, then the Game settings are also very much important.
so Follow up the given settings below make it like these and you re ready to perform well in the Match-

1. Graphics Quality

Pubg Mobile Tricks | Top Tips and tricks

Now when it comes to Graphic quality of your game, it equivalently equals your device performance.
Make your Graphics quality according to your device in which you are playing. If talking about quality and lag-free experience called FPS ( Frame per second) Set it maximum to which your device supports, you can use GFX Tools, which are available on google.

2. General settings

Pubg Mobile Tricks | Top Tips and tricks

General settings include many options such as- Aim assist, Blocked sight Warning, peek and fire and Peek and Open scope. Our primary focus would be on Aim Assist and Peek Options. Ignore other Options or set the default.
Enable the Aim to assist if Disabled, it allows you to aim at EnemyEnemy more accurately ( cursor automatically moves towards EnemyEnemy slowly) go check and play without Aim assist you will see a vast difference.
Peek options are also a great feature of the Game, While shooting peek and fire this will help you a lot. Also, Enable Peek & Open Scope if you like an instant battle.

3. Adjust Control Settings

Pubg Mobile Tricks | Top Tips and tricks

Control Settings and its layout are the best settings so far. Change your Control Settings according to your best. Go to Settings-> Control settings-> Customize. Now here is the trick, Make your controls ready, then you can make the JUMP Button Bigger for easy controls and make FIRE BUTTON invisible so that your phone screen would free from unwanted Keys on the screen. Customize your controls like this-

 4. Sensitivity Options

Pubg Mobile Tricks | Top Tips and tricks

ADS Sensitivity

Pubg Mobile Tricks | Top Tips and tricks

Sensitivity Settings can't be ignored, Our primary focus is on 'Camera' SENSITIVITY and 'ADS' Sensitivity. If you know what ADS is, ADS is generally "Aim Down Sight when firing the recoil oppose and move Upwartds when we move down thumb to control the recoil.
So ADS sensitivity also depends upon the Player, I have provided the best settings I got so far you can follow-

5. Pickup

Pubg Mobile Tricks | Top Tips and tricks

As discussed above, Custom Pickups, it is mandatory for everyone to have their own Pickup settings. Still, I have provided some of the Pickup Settings which you can take help from.

6.Audio Settings

Pubg Mobile Tricks | Top Tips and tricks

Audio plays a significant role when you want to customize the Sounds in a  game. We can turn off the Unwanted Music like the In-Game Songs and also Lower down the Speaker volume for Better Communication in the Game.

7.  Download Options

Pubg Mobile Tricks | Top Tips and tricks

Many of you have noticed about having High Ping in the Game. This is sometimes due to the automatic downloading of the Maps and extra Stuff inside the game, which runs in the background and results in higher Ping, Turn Them off.

Best Landing Spots

So if you have played this much, you all have your best Landing Spots now. The perfect landing also plays a significant role in surviving the Match, so have knowledge about the Landing Spots. Here we will only see Erangel.

Best Landing Spots in Erangel

Pubg Mobile Tricks | Top Tips and tricks

Erangel is a Huge Map of size. Surviving in Erangel is moderate as compared to Other Maps. Still, Erangel has a large number of players than all Maps as it is the Combination of all maps, you will find all weather in Earnbgel from hill yo sea. Let's see some best Spots for loot in Erangel-

1. High Loot area

Georgopal - Georgopal l is most favorite of Players who are ready for instant Battle. Although hazardous Place also
Novoreonoye (Novo) -  Depend upon Airplane Direction, this Place is also on the Top of Loot places, it is also a risky place
Military Base - Military Base has huge Amount of loot especially Sniper Rifles, Also a Risky Place

2.Low Loot Area

There are many places which are having less loot but Less Risk to go there, If you want to Play Safe, then these Places would be best.


Ferry Pier

3. Average Loot

Rozhok - best Place for Moderate Players, Although the Risk is also high.

School - School is a Descent place for beginners, school always stays middle of the Zone ( mostly)
Mylta- Mylta is best for Medium Loot and best for Camping Players, best for Blocking the bridge

Best Landing Spots in Miramar

Miramar is the biggest Map of size. Compared to all. Surviving in Miramar is a bit difficult as compared to Other Maps. Still, Miramar has a desert area which gives more advantage to the snipers, also have some disadvantages. Let's see some best Spots for loot in Miramar-

1. High Loot area

EL Plazo - El Plazo is the second-largest Place in Miramar and consists full of loots. This Place has the only disadvantage that it is not in the central part of Map, so you have to quite hurry to move inside the safe Zone. Although a dangerous place also.

Pecado - Pecado is the Pochinki of Miramar, Everone knows Pecado, its in the middle of the Miramar. Pecado is a congested area with full of Players, Need lots of skills for surviving there. Every Place in Miramar is occupied with the Players so risky Place.

2.Low Loot Area

There are many places which are having less loot and safe places, small areas have less chance of getting enemies and more opportunities to survive.

3. Average Loot

Los Leones -  Everyone knows Los Leones, it is the most significant Place in the Miramar, A very colossal Place full of Houses and Buildings, loot chance here is high also Risk is extreme, when came into the Zone it contains maximum players.

Best Landing Spots in Sanhok

Pubg Mobile Tricks

Sanhok is the Smallest Map of compact size 4x4. Compared to others. Surviving in Sahnok is easy, although it's an excellent Map for loot. Still, Sahnok is a jungle/ Forest type of area having more Trees, Grass, and Bushes. Sanhok gives you a lot of covers while Playing. let's see some best Spots for loot in Sanhok-

Every landing Spot has Good and Wnough Amount of loot. Let's see some of the favorite loot locations pf Players-

Ruins  - Ruins is the best location if you want more loot. Ruins is basically an ancient temple that is full of weapons, ammo, and all other Stuff. Also, it is a Perfect Place for Hiding, The Great structure of Temple allows to Hide Properly.

BootCamp- Again, Bootcamp is Known by every Player. Most Risky and Favorite Place for Plyers. Bootcamp is generally military barracks. It's in the Center of the Map, hence results in a massive number of players that came here.

Paradise Resort- Paradise resort is generally a resort full of loot and has a great view. Yet it is riskier as other Places in Sanhok, have to be careful while roaming inside paradise resort, as it is difficult to so\pot the enemies in the Place.

Best Landing Spots in Vikendi

Pubg Mobile Tricks

Vikendi is the Snowy Map, which is a 6x6km map, quite a fun map. Vikendi is full of SMG's specially micro-Uzi. Although its the Latest Map that PUBG Provided, Generally had some best, beautiful locations. Let's see some of the Best Places in Vikendi.

Castle - Castle is a beautiful location in Vikendi as its also the best location. Vikendi generally consists of best loot almost SMG's, and less Amount of AR.

Goroka - Goroka is the best of the best places in Vikedni so far. It has an amazingly vast amount of loot. You will get everything here, including the Scopes and Sniper rifles.

I have not included other areas as there are more than 10+ areas that have a good amount of loot. Still, these are enough.


Some Deathmatch Tricks which you have to follow to get MVP, All rules are included here as well as some of the PUBG new tricks are below-

1. Be Quick 

After the Match starts to Get ready, take your Favorite weapon, and go. While killing doesn't forget to take cover after every time you get a kill. Don't stand still at Camp, This is Deathmatch you have to be quick and make your move faster.

2. Wait For Enemy 

Don't go to Opponents Spawn takes some time to regenerate themselves, and they can't have any damage, and in the end, they will kill you. Throw grenades on their spawn place so that they may have some damage already.

3. Choose your Best Location

If you are a beginner or doesn't know how to rush, then you can choose your best SpotSpot, you can camp to get the kills, by sticking to that Place and don't forget to change the Camping place after every death it will make the enemies confused if they didn't get your location.

4. Make Custom Controls

In the game, there are now separate control settings for TDM; also, make them your original control settings by a clicking button there - COPY CLASSIC MODE SETTINGS. For further details see the images-

5. Take Best Weapon Combo

In the TDM match, there are two weapons players can take- Primary and secondary weapons. Take weapons in the best Combination so that you will now get out of ammo and helps you to kill the EnemyEnemy faster.

This will also save you from reloading your Gun. You can take one close-range weapon and another one a sniper-like Kar98k, this Combination makes accurate ones.

PUBG Mobile new tricks: Chicken Dinner Tips

PUBG Mobile Tricks to win- So if you are Better at aiming and have reasonable control over the Game, But still Miss the Chicken Dinner? Or Not able to get #1 Rank, There is a tip for you. All you have to do is not to rush. Always don't go for the Enemy; wait for the Enemy at the Last Zone. Or lie down at the end; this makes less chance of getting Spotted. But it doesn't mean you have to play safe and don't kill enemies, just had for the Last Enemy in the Last, then use your Strategy to kill the last one with the Grenade or Molotov. That's an easy Chicken Dinner. Follow these rules, and you will definitely get good results.

Reduce your PING in-game for better Match- 

How to lower Ping in PUBG Mobile: Easy way to improve your Game

Some of the questions asked-

How can I win PUBG mobile every time?

A  Focus on Loot, in the Beginning, Play in a team, Don't lie-down. share items with each other, And don't rush all the Time, Use drinks to boost Yourself and always keep an eye on players through the Map

How can I improve my PUBG mobile Gameplay?

A Practice makes Perfect, it's the only key. Play Arcades, Mini zones, and TDM- Deathmatch which will help you survive in the game improve your Gameplay

What is the fastest way to increase league in PUBG mobile?

A Choose your Niche TPP vs. FPP, Focus on the Gameplay, try to come in Top 10, Camp to get chicken Dinners here K/D doesn't matter, Play with known teammates, friends, Communicate well and last but not least - get better Ping.

How do you get more kills in PUBG mobile?

A  Focus on Killing rather than looting, Go for AirDrop or flare drop this will increase the chance of getting more enemies and hence more kills and, of course, try to be better by playing different arcade modes.

So that were the best PUBG Tricks and tips follow them to get Better in PUBG Mobile. Hope you liked it. For further queries Subscribe to our Newsletter by putting down your email and Get the Latest Updates Straight up to you.