PUBG Lite Vikendi Update Bugs and Everything you need to know

Hello Players, We already know that PUBG Lite had made us the right moment for a pc gamer. PUBG lite has a significant impact on Gaming Community and is absolutely free to play. And hope you have done PUBG LITE registration.

So PUBG Lite already has released sanhok as a perfect update with clean graphics.

Vikendi has snow-capped mountains, a dense forest, and a coastline
Many Players were waiting for a Vikendi update and had released today
Vikendi is a 6x6km map. The gameplay is much quicker than Erangel and Miramar, but it offers more tactical experience from Sanhok.


  • Vehicles will be more dangerous in the cold and frigid territories. Speeding up is slower, and you will lose more control of the vehicles as you speed up
  • There are two sorts of climate in Vikendi: Clear and Moonlight (night mode)
  • Same as Sanhok, the ruddy zone will be made exterior of the secure zone (white circle). 
  • As the secure zone (white circle) develops littler, the ruddy zone measure moreover diminishes in the estimate.
  • To supply an unused fight royale involvement, the Blue Zone has been resized to coordinate the outline measure for each stage.
  • it'll be simpler to loot things because it has expanded the thing bring forth rate
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  • Included a modern AR: G36C.
  • Accessible as it were in Vikendi.
  • This 5.56mm ammunition AR can stack 30 bullets and 40 with the connection of an Expanded Magazine.
  • G36C can be prepared with most appendable parts but the strategic stock. 

*Bug Fixes:

  • Settled the issue where characters got stuck in purge spaces in between particular objects in Miramar.
  • Settled the issue where the slaughter nourish was strangely shown when a thumped out client passed on within the blue zone.
  • Settled the issue where the murder checks were strangely upgraded after colleague restoration in a few occurrences.